Earn Bitcoin

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I want to give you a very easy method to earn some Bitcoin.

Do you know what is Bitcoin? Here it is:

Bitcoin is simply payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. So they are another digital moneys like Bitcoin named “altcoin”. But Bitcoin is the only “real” trustable digital money, because it’s the first so most old and known money which has the %90 of market. Most authorities don’t like Bitcoin, because there is no middlemen means no transaction fees (actually there is a network fee but it’s tiny as a comedy), no paperworks, no waiting (yes, it’s lighting fast even you place on the other face of the earth!) and you can take your digital wallet to whereever you want! It can be in cloud, in a flash drive, in an external drive even in a floppy disk! All your money stands in cloud, known in network and all you need is your encrypted wallet to take your money in network. It’s a chain, that’s why it’s simply impossible to lose your money, get fraud or etc. If someone breaks the chain; everyone will be affected and that’s why it’ll be fixed ASAP.

They are lot of ways to earn Bitcoin like

  • Mining Bitcoin (with hardware, you can generate bitcoin.)
  • Using Bitcoin Ad providers on your site
  • You can invest Bitcoin (not recommended)
  • You can exchange Bitcoin with other currencies (like Forex; if you have the knowledge, you can earn tons of money)
  • You can use Bitcoin faucets.

Today i’m going to introduce about faucets:

Bitcoin faucets are simple websites just require visitors to their pages. So only you need to do is: visit, enter captcha codes and get your payments to your wallets. They can be real little prices, but if you know lot of faucets, you can easyly earn money in your free time! Today i’m going to share a website which will help you to earn money:

BTC Faucet Rotator

BTC Faucet Rotator is a free and simple Bitcoin faucet rotator will help you stop searching profitable Bitcoin faucets to earn easy Bitcoin. Just get in the site and click Next to move faucet to faucet. Also you can use their special High Paying Faucets list to earn good daily Satoshi.

I hope it will be helpful to both of you and i hope we will see more and more people in Bitcoin market! More usage means more websites / services use Bitcoin.

Have a lovely day!