coolindarkCoin Permanent Mandatory Update

coolindarkCoin source and wallet has been updated. Please use new wallet before block 350000. Otherwise you will get disconnected from real blockchain!
So what happened?
In next 3-4 weeks, i’m going to announce a new service will only work with CC. Since this coin was just for fun; the community never gave up to hold the coin in market. So it’s time to give a real shot!
With 100% annual POS, the coin should reach to total coin supply in 2 years. To take the coin life longer; i’ve decided to reduce POS rate and keep the total coin supply as it is. Now the POS is:
100% Annual upto block 350000, then 20% upto block 500000, then 10% till total coin supply.
This should give +8 years to CC.What are other updates on source?
* Stake miner has been turned off while the coin is on sync. This should resolve lot of POS problems on wallets.
* Updated the source with valid checkpoints (blocks and checksums), removed PoW check (pointless), stop logging so much and enable execute bit on leveldb. Now sync is more faster and stable.
* Some minor fixes on QT wallet.

Markets are already informed about the new source.
You can still use your old wallets untill block 350000. CC will reach to block 350000 approx in 20-25 days. So jump to new wallet.

** Please backup your wallet.dat before using the new wallet. You don’t need to delete your remaining blockchain and resync. New wallet works with remaining blockchain. If you won’t see sync activity, then you can delete your blockchain and resync. **