Cryptocurrency Markets

Hello everyone, Today i’ll try to share some major cryptocurrency markets which you can exchange  your all type of coins. As you know, Bitcoin is not the only major cryptocurrency anymore even it still looks like the only one. They are lot of alternatives like LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Dash etc. You can find lot of […]
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Hello all cryptocurrency lovers! At the beginning of 2017, I’ve created AltcoinForum and I’m proud to announce here. Unlike other boards, AltcoinForum aims to examine all the algos separately and in detail; that’s why you will find exactly what you are looking for. No more thousand & mixed announcements in a single board. Every algo […]
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All About Cryptocurrency Mining

Hello all, As you know, Bitcoin mining is actually under control of massive datacenters right now and it’s practicaly not profitable if you are a single miner. But Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency today; we are thankful for Litecoin to bring altcoin (Alternative Coin) idiom to the market. Mining altcoins are still profitable and […]
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