Earn Money with Autosurf

Hi guys,
I want to share my method which is already gave me 60 euros in 2 months with just control my Hitleap mounted VPSs :D.
This thread is updated in 18.02.2015.

For this method, you need some things:
* A Hitleap Account (No need for premium account)
* A Website (or more, more is better) with your own or on a very good hosting.
* WordPress
* HeatMap Theme (Best for placing ads)
* And of course, your CPM company for ads

** Autosurf Sites
Netvisiteurs REGISTER

** Ad Networks
** Primary CPM(1) : AdmediaTEX REGISTER  (Register as a Publisher)
** Primary CPM(2) : MediaCPM REGISTER (Register as a Publisher)
** Second CPM : Pubovore REGISTER (Register as a Publisher, easy french)
** Third CPM : AdvantageGlobalMarketing REGISTER
** Alternative CPM : AdsPTP REGISTER

OK, i think like you have your hosting now and your domain:
* Install WordPress on it.
* Install the HeatMap Theme. This theme is only created for put ads on your wordpress site with great placing.

Our site is a good example for HeatMap Theme.

Use a good domain, put a proper site topic, find a proper index and whola! Your site is ready!

* Send your site to AdmediaTex and MediaCPM to take accept.
* After you send your site for check and take your accept, put your ads to your websites. USE 1 AdmediaTex ADS and 1 MediaCPM tags then add other alternatives with TOTAL 4 ADS ON WHOLE PAGE!
* Always use 300×250 (Right side widget) and 728×90 (Header Widget) ads. These 2 are best prices ads places.
* You can use second CPM for 3rd & 4th ad. with Pubovore or AdvantageGlobalMarketing. They are solid! You can also use ADSPTP as alternative. ADSPTP is the largest CPM network, that’s why if you don’t have too much unique traffic, it will count less.
* Give daily total 2-3 clicks on Pubovore ads. This will make your ad places stay alive forever.

OK, now your site is ready for traffic! Set your autosurfers like that for best results:
* 20 second visit is enough.
* Always use twitter links to your website (t.co/blablabla) if you don’t have Hitleap Premium. Free Hitleap sends traffic without referral. Non-ref traffic will give you 0$!