Earn Money With Autosurf & PTP

Hi again guys,
This method will show you the best method to earn money with PTP (Paid to Promote) sites. These sites are massive traffic hungry websites hires cheap ad networks under it. That’s why they accept every kind of traffic (terrible quality to best quality). Even if you are a dirty traffic guy, you can earn money with them.

For this method, you need some things:
* Some autosurf sites accepts PTP traffic. Best ones listed below.

** For Best CPM:
* A Website (or more, more is better) with your own or on a very good hosting.
* WordPress
* HeatMap Theme (Best for placing ads)
* And of course, your CPM company for ads

** For Alternative method if you don’t want to pay / deal with hosting:
* Use blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

** Best Autosurf Sites for PTP ads
Netvisiteurs REGISTER

** PTP Sites
Check PTPList

OK, if you decided to use your own hosting:
* Install WordPress on it.
* Install the HeatMap Theme. This theme is only created for put ads on your wordpress site with great placing.

Our site is a good example for HeatMap Theme.

Domain and site info is important for good CPM, but not very important like a regular ad network.

* Select up to 3 PTP sites from PTPList. Select their most profitable CPM tag. Every PTP has different behaviour and point process. Always decide to select PTP sites without IP check and 1 minute IP timing. Also it will be good to find CPM tags with timing below 10 second. Low timings will give you advantage on autosurf networks. With 3 CPM tags with 10 second timer; 15 seconds website visit will be enough for you to earn money.
* You don’t need to provide clicks on PTP tags. They just need raw traffic.

If you decide to use blogger:
* Always add some good content of your blogger page.
* If you don’t add anything and just PTP tags, your blog will be suspended by google; also a blogger without content also can cause a ban on PTP site. Because all advertisers hate blogger traffic except if they have good content. If ad providers not pay to PTP network, PTP network won’t pay to you.

OK, now your site is ready for traffic! Set your autosurfers like that for best results:
* 15 second visit is enough if you are using a CPM tag with 10 second timer or less.
* It is better to use twitter links to your website (t.co/blablabla) if you donโ€™t have Hitleap Premium. Free Hitleap sends traffic without referral. Non-ref traffic will give you 0$! Otohits and Netvisiteurs sends their referrals; so it is OK.