CommunityCoin [COC]

Hello everyone. Here is my 2nd coin named CommunityCoin.
So, now i can imagine you can say “What the hell is he doing with 2nd coin?!!” Smiley Because there is already a new coin which has my own name “coolindarkCoin”.
Both 2 coins will be supported till the end.


Why only POW? Because my first coin coolindarkCoin is already a POS coin. So, this is the POW only.
Why SHA256? Because SHA256 is the elder algo which will keep alive all the time. Bitcoin must die to throw this algo into dustbin. This makes SHA256 as a best option for POW.
7% Premine for? Market aggrements, Bounties (will announce soon), Social campaigns etc.
Why 7%? I asked one of a cute child “Say a number from 3 to 10.” and she said “7” Smiley
So you have 2 different coins. Any plans? I’ll always try to keep an alive market between these 2 coins. CC to COC / COC to CC
Will you coin listed in Yobit this time? It is already!  Cheesy
Why CommunityCoin? As my first coin coolindarkCoin, this coin is also created for everyone. and another big reason is: this coin is POW only, so it needs a community to keep alive!

Classic Windows Wallet :
Windows Wallet With Better GUI :
Linux Wallet :
Linux Daemon :
Master Source :
Source With Better GUI : Official Pool 0% fee!

Pool Creation 500 COC
Source code editing to add hashrate option (“netmhashps”) 5000 COC
Chinese Translation with also creating new Anno in Chinese forums. 1000 COC



To wake up COC again I’m offering an investment program which will be profitable for both of you!

How Does It Work?

The main idea of this investment is fireing up blocks, means mining to make possible transactions much more fast.

So, here is the idea:
* I’ll sell 1 COC to 80 Satoshi. (Market price will always more than 80 SAT, it was lowered because I had close my pool, so no miners in network)
* You will send BTC to my miningrigrental address and get COC to your address immediately.
** Now here is the good part; all BTCs you will send will be spent in miningrigrentals. I’ll buy SHA256 rig with your investment and use it at COC pool with your COC address again!

So, you will get:
* COC for 80 Satoshi.
* All your BTC investment will be also spent for COC mining with your address. Extra COC.
* Blockchain will move on, so you can spend / send your coins immediately.

Possible concerns:
* Yobit get the COC wallet in maintenaince. <- I’ve created a support ticket to activate it again.
* How can I trust you? <- I’m an old member at Bitcointalk and just want to improve my coin. I think I’m more trustable then PONZI sites.

Investment terms:
* You have to follow COC twitter account : @communitycoin_
* You have to send PM to get information is it possible to make investment or not. I have to be near my computer, so we can run the process at the same time. I don’t like to wait and make people waiting.  Wink
* If I’m avaliable, you will have to send BTC to my address (which i’m going to share) and send your COC address in the same message.
* After the BTC transaction get 1 confirmation, you will get your COC to your wallet and will be informed about rig rental and can be monitored over pool with user’s own COC wallet address.
** CoinMiners.Net is the official pool for COC has 0% fee!
*** Minimum investment is 5000 COC = 400000 SAT.
**** Maximum investment for single person = 100000 COC.
***** Total COC spared for investment project is 500000 COC.