coolindark’s Coin [CC]


Hello everyone! Now it’s time to create my own cryptocurrecy: the CC.

My website always serve people to earn some money in their free time. So CC will be active in money earning methods. I’m planning to make CC active in small jobs in the market.

It has a small 5% premine which i’m planning to share some of it with people in small jobs like tweets, facebook jobs, forum posts etc.

I’ll keep you updated. So here are the CC details:

Algorithm    Scrypt
Type    PoW/PoS
Coin name    coolindarkcoin
Coin abbreviation    CC
Address letter    C
RPC port    7450
P2P port    7449
Block reward    25 CC
Total coin supply    11052632 CC
Last POW Block   20000
Min. Coin Age   8 Hours
POS Interest   100% Annual
Coinbase maturity   10 Blocks
Transaction confirmations   5 Blocks
Premine percent    5%


MARKETS <- No worries for CCX; that is the only solution because YoBit has an another coin with CC ticker. Sending funds to yobit CCX from your CC wallets work.

Classic Windows Wallet

Linux Daemon

Classic Source Code Direct Download

** Also Wallet & Source with New Gui ** (Classic links will be removed in a week)

Windows Wallet With New GUI

Source Code With New GUI GitHub

Source Code With New GUI Direct Download

Latest Blockchain (June 2017) <- just extract in your .coolindarkcoin (for linux) or %appdata%\coolindarkcoin (for Windows) folder. Your wallet will be synced in minutes.


POOL >> BitcoinPool.US is the official pool for CC << POW IS OVER

Our announcement pages & twitter for CC : AltcoinForum / BitcoinTalk / BitcoinGarden / CryptocurrencyTalk & coolindarkcoin Official Twitter
Also follow coin details over coolindark’s Twitter