Boost Your Alexa and Earn Money

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Here is a small guide to make your earn money and/or boost your website’s Alexa rate really up!


Alexamaster created for Alexa rate, but also works to earn money, and they really pays. This autosurf also suitable for using your facebook page or youtube videos. You can use their surflink, earn points and use them for:

  • Sending Traffic to your website
  • Facebook Page Likes
  • Youtube Video Watch
  • Exchange for money (Now 30000 points = 1$)

30000 points can seem very low ratio to exchange, but their autosurf link can be used on multiple computers with different IPs. That means, if you are VPS owner, you can use their surfbar for extra income. For example, i have 20 VPSs and these machines are easy enough to create 2$ / day. Which means Alexamaster already pays their monthly fees. It’s a great win!

If you are planning to use Alexamaster for income, you have to be aware these:

  • You must login to Alexamaster everyday.
  • You must like some pages (at least 10 pages/day) everyday. This action will also give you some extra point, so money.
  • Also if you want to exchange some points, you must earn at least 1000 page like points, which is easy to achive. Because every like will give you at least 15 like points.

So, the real question is; is Alexamaster really works for Alexa rate? YES! I use half of my daily points to send traffic to one of my page and the rank goes up at least daily 250k+! Alexa rate is better income for future, if you are a serious webmaster. Because Alexa rate means, higher ad revenue.

Alexamaster’s surfbar is stand alone. That’s why you just start, disable pop-up blocker for them, install alexa toolbar for once and leave. It will work like a charm, no need to click somewhere or login.

Hope both of you earn good money and take your website to top!

Here are the first payments as a proof:




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