Alternative Autosurf Money

Hello visitors,

I’m going to share an autosurf site which is very stable, very short visit time (8 seconds) and very good for short visit CPM / PTP sites.

It’s BestPTP

1 machine / 1 account style. There is a double frame surfbar which you can start on a machine without logging in. Admin accepts websites in very short time and it acceps POP-UP websites also. You surf for 10 or 12 seconds and get 8 seconds visits.

You can register a new account as much as you want and use the same site on every account.

Site has MANY MANY active users and most of them on Europe so you can get good benefits from this surfbar. I’m listing 2 best PTP / CPM sites for use on BestPTP and 1 Bitcoin alternative.

I suggest to use their PTP links, because it gives 3 points to any unique visit. Their CPM links will give you only 1 point.

SURF4CASH : REGISTER Surf4cash PTP links is for 10 seconds, so BestPTP won’t work for their PTP link. But CPM links are set to 5 seconds. So you can use their CPM links in your blogger pages.

BTC45 : REGISTER BTC45 is a PTP / PTC site which pays Bitcoins. Their Click URL is very profitable for short time surfers.

If you are going to use both of them, it’s better to use their CPM tags in your blogger page and surf on BestPTP on them. You will get good point earnings

Happy earnings as always!