Welcome to coolindark’s place ladies and gentlemen

First of all, let me introduce myself;

Hi, it’s coolindark… I’m a lead engineer of an I.T. team in a global company. That means; I like computers :) , internet, investigating, learn new things everyday. “Trying new things” is always my best joy, because it feels like i’m playing a strategy game every day… and this game gives me knowledge and sometimes money! Win-win!

So i do lot of things. If you search me on google, you will see that i’m an active member in TBN (thebot.net) & BitcoinTalk, also an old gamer in Steam network.

So you can find some interesting things in my website. This website is the main bridge to let you pass to my online operations which can help you earn some money, surf internet with freedom, make your website more valuable, learn & use & mine cryptocurrencies and much much more!

You can ask, “OK, but what can we find?”. Here are the pages you can see on TOP.

Money Earning Methods: My hand-written original money earning methods. No tricks, no fakes, no illegal things. Just setup once and you are good to go. These methods will give you idea how you can earn money automated.

coolindarkcoin & communitycoin : Yes! I have my own cryptocurrencies. Just created them for fun, but they are both accepted in altcoin markets. Check them out! You can invest some or mine and sell in markets.

My Other Websites: They are good sites; all of them provide different, useful and helpful services. These can be helpful for your website SEO, also earn money and surf internet with freedom.

Useful Informations: You can find useful informations. I’ll try to update every week.

Cryptocurrency Pools: If you are bitcoin & altcoin miner, check my both 2 pools. One of it a P2pool BTC pool and another is an altcoin pool which i’m always updating with new coins! Mine & earn! Simple profit.

Ah, also; please do not pass “Click 2 Support Me” button when you visit my website. This very tiny support will keep my site alive.

So welcome again!




Why You Should Mine coolindarkCoin [CC] ?

Hello everyone. CC is getting bigger & stronger but honestly a strong coin needs more miners.

* CC created by a known & old member. Not like other coins with a DEV’s first message.
* Coin POW will be over at block 20000 and diff is not very high.
* 25% of premine used for developments & exchange negotiations.
* 50% of premine will be shared with community who are active miners! That means you can have more CC than me! I don’t know if you ever have a chance like that.
* CC is created for community, thats why it will be shared most with miners. So everyone will be active to keep currency alive. This is not my coin only; only the name will keep me cool Grin
* I’m working hard to make the coin much much more visible than other coins. Successful works which are:
1) CC has an announcement with it’s own website.
2) 50% of CC already mined in first week.
3) CC has it’s own official and well known pool which is also managed by myself.
4) CC already listed in 2 different exchanges in just 4 days! 3rd is on the way.
5) CC has 3 twitter accounts to be announced.
6) CC has the biggest bounty to be shared.
7) CC has a faucet after 6. day!
8) CC has a SEO marketplace thread which is the main goal for me.
9) CC has it’s own blockchain reachable over main domain.

So what you are waiting for. Miners will have the best advantage because of bounty and keep earning with annual 100% POS later.

Keep watching. CC is coming more & more Wink